Spring Election 2021 Results

Birchwood Village Board



Birchwood Village President                       

John Depoister              41

Scattering                       3



Birchwood Trustee (2 year)

        Bridget Hartl                   25 (won tie – drawing of name)

          Paul Parkos                          25

          Rocky VanGilder                  36

Scattering                              0


Birchwood Trustee (1 year)

        Bridget Hartl                   25

          Paul Parkos                          22

          Scattering                              0


Note: Brigdet Hartl has accepted the Birchwood Trustee 2 year term. Birchwood Trustee 1 year will be elected by the Board of Trustee at the Annual Board of Trustee Meeting.

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  1. Sherry Miller on April 14, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Signed up for emailing of various documents. I already receive meeting notices, but hopefully this request will include minutes from Board of Trustee meetings.

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