Parks Committee Meeting Approved Minutes 9/27/21

The Parks Committee meeting will be held on

Monday, September 27th, 2021, at 10:00 Am, Birchwood Village Hall

101 N Main St, Birchwood, WI 54817.




Chairperson call meeting to order – Meeting was recorded

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call (B. Milligan, D. Greife, B. Hayes, R. Strand, and T. Fee)

Public Notice: Posted at the Birchwood Post Office, Village Hall, Gary’s Grocery and Village Website.

Citizen Comments: Linda Zillmer comments shutting down Doolittle Campground and turning it back into public park and the example set by use the lakefront.

Correspondence/Incidents: None


Discuss/Action Items:

  1. Motion to approve agenda by Bridget, seconded by Strand. Carried 5-0.
  2. Discussion of Doolittle Projects and Recommendations 2022 provided by Greife. Linda Zillmer commented on kiosks and who is responsible. Tucker commented Steve Dullian maybe installing 24-hour phone for his park. Standby help for Greife may be needed next year; reservations would be handled by clerk/treasurer as needed. Milligan wants cost estimates on walkway and tennis court for 2022 budget. (a) Greife reports 17 seasonal sites were rented out this year. Greife requests to increase to 25 seasonal sites for next year. Motion to up total seasonal sites to 25 by Milligan, seconded by Greife. Carried 5-0. (b) $1,952 seasonal (5 month) rate includes sales tax, $607 monthly (30 days) rate includes sales taxes and electric, weekly rate $190 includes sales tax and electric, daily rate $37 includes sales taxes and electric, and tent/biking camping rate $16 per day includes electric and sales tax. Motion to bring fees to the board made by Bridget, seconded by Strand. Carried 5-0.
  3. Discussion only. Combination lock on dump station during the season for campers. Offer to community at $10 dump rate. What’s allowed to be dumped in contract. Limited hours. No action.
  4. Walkway maintenance or replacement was discussed during agenda item 2.
  5. No closed session
  6. Open Session – N/A
  7. Motion to adjourn by Milligan, second by Strand.

Questions or Concerns?

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