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  1. Lynette Judd on October 4, 2021 at 10:23 am

    I’m not saying other’s are not respecting the waste system at Doolittle Park, but we use it and always pay. Sometimes we come in one day to do one of our campers and pay $20 because we only have a $20 bill and then the next day do our 2nd camper and don’t put in $. That can cause confusion I suppose. We are a family group of 3 and all 3 campers get brought to Doolittle. We use local campgrounds and other places so the services at Doolittle are very important to us. We spend a lot of $ in Birchwood at cafe’s and restaurants and get our gas there so tourists do bring in business and therefore revenue there. We have recently purchased a plot of land at Loch Lomond and hope to build in the next 5 years and I hope to retire in the area, but until that happens we need a waste water and potable water location. I want to thank you for Doolittle Park and the access there and I hope you share my story with your Town Board. Sincerely, Lynette Judd, Stephan Meyer, Annette Setterman, and Sherwin Swerdlow.

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